Performers & Events

musicantus logoMusicantus is a Norwegian singer- and instrumental group that only performs authentic early music. The repertoire is taken from the Viking Age, the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, but with an emphasis on material from the 1300 and 1400's. The group originated from Middelalderuka in Numedal.

Sun crossNumedal has some of Norway’s best preserved stone crosses and other crosses. But when were they made? What function did they have? Who made them, and why? “The enigmatic Medieval stone crosses" is the theme of Øystein Ekrolls lecture (in norwegian) in Kyrkjestugu in Rollag

Spel Kjemhus 100px"Ta godt imot dei farande" - new outdoor show by Numedal Spel- and Dansarlag at the farm Kjemhus in Veggli Wednesday 26 July. Numedals rich folk music tradition is the basis of the show and it is told through music, dance, song and text.

bratland reiersrud thumbSondre Bratland is a folk singer with a long reputation from folk music. In cooperation with Knut Reiersrud, a very well known blues guitarist, an exciting musical experience is expected.

Backer crownAn art project of famous historical female figures celebrated with a seat of honor - one chair for each. Exhibition at Nore og Uvdal historical farmstead from 27. May - open during the Medieval week in Numedal. 

ClareSalamanWelcome to 2 gigs of three highly respected international musicians. "Music and poetry from around the year 1500" at Flesberg historical farmstead Sunday 23. July. And "Johannisklang - Music for Midsummer" in Flesberg stave church Monday 24. July:

jakten på sigurd jorsalfare thumbnailSigurd Jorsalfare’s journey from Norway to Jerusalem in words and music. A musical lecture by author Øystein Morten and musicians Svein Westad and Jan Ibro Khelil. Tuesday July 25th at Lågdalsmuseet, Kongsberg

thumb engel lyngdal kirke audun oplandjpgWelcome to a new pilgrimage in the Medieval week in Numedal. A two-day trip along the old church roads in Flesberg in parishes Svene and Lyngdal. On the peregrination, we get to know the local history, with local legends and stories, we experience the local culture and hospitality and share great experiences of nature. Moderate terrain.

Einar Selvik 100pxEinar Selvik’s first concert in Numedal. The authentic medieval loft creates a perfect setting for this unique concert. Selvik is known to use various historical instruments and he also plays the Kravik lyre. In a sense he is bringing this instrument back to it’s roots. Selvik has become world famous with his music for the TV series Vikings on History Channel.

thumbnail_flatoybok.img topOn wednesday July 26, a book presentation is held at Lampeland Hotel with the "Flatøy boka" as theme. Book presenter Øystein Morten leads the debate with the Flateyjarbók as theme. The handwritten manuscript Flateyjarbók from the 1390's have until now been almost unknown in Norway.

marit e kalager Marit Eken Kalager is this year's festival artist. Her sculptural garments is displayed in the main building on Flesberg historical farmstead from 23. to 30. July.  They provide a reminder of children’s woolen dresses, folk costumes, culture and nature. With her distinctive creations Eken Kalager is an important representative of the Norwegian fashion arts environment.

digiseter 100pxDigital Seter is a summer performance built on historical facts, legends, prose and current poetry. This will be a nostalgic landscape experience with impulsive contemporary shocks. Performed Thursday 27. July 8PM at the Nore and Uvdal historical farmstead.