Dåset historical farmstead

Dåset historical farmsteadFlesberg historical farmstead is an old farm at Dåset in Flesberg and has an unique collection of preserved old buildings (20 of a total of 23). It is regarded as one of the oldest farms in the village. The farmstead may have been established in the Viking Age, and it was probably deserted for a long time after the Black Death. The farm is however not mentioned in official documents before the mid-1600s.

It has been considered a large farm in the area. In its heyday it had 23 large and small houses. Some houses were outside the farmstead, including a summer barn, a sawmill and a mill. Today, there are 20 houses with an age span of 400 years, from the 1589 barn to the most recent one built in the 19. century.

Dåset has been considered as a productive farm with good soil quality, great hunting and fishing opportunities and excellent access to timber. This laid the foundation for a secure life for a large family with cows, sheep and horses. The farm originally had approximately 4,000 hectares of forest, about 50 acres of farmland and several external hay plots. The forest area is today reduced to about half.

The historical farmstead is open to the public during the summer season with tours, a restaurant and permanent exhibitions. 

It is a tradition that local clubs organize public weekends fairs here with activities for the whole family.

Flesberg historical farmstead has a special quiet mood, so if you are looking for recreation, please stop by. Some visitors come exclusively for the sour cream porridge served on “cultural Sundays” (kultursøndagene).

Dåset is a good starting point if you fancy a walk in the woods. There is a marked tourist trail with 13 information boards along the way, explaining details about forest, nature and cultural history. The trail is well marked. Click for more information. 

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Dåset historical farmstead Dåset historical farmstead Dåset historical farmstead Dåset historical farmstead Dåset historical farmstead Dåset historical farmstead Dåset historical farmstead Daaset dans småjondøler

Information for visitors

Distances: Kongsberg: 36 km. Oslo: 104 km. Click map link

Opening hours from 1. July to 6. August: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. 12 AM to 4 PM
During the Medieval Week opening hours is daily from 12 AM 4 PM.

For group tours outside opening hours and season, call Flesberg public service at +47 31 02 20 00 between 8 AM and 3 PM. +47 31 02 20 0 (08.00-15.00)

Tours and cafeteria. Cultural Sundays in July with cafeteria, activities, exhibitions and entertainment. Note! Only cash sales, unfortunately we do not have a bank terminal.

Festival artist Marit Eken Kalager in Middelalderuka 2017: "Sculptural clothes", in the main house 23-30.july.

Permanent exhibitions:
The barn: Folk Costume Exhibition from the area.
The barn: Photo exhibition "Flesberg costumes for everyday and special use the last 100 years "
Main house: Exhibition of dresses, bodices and underskirts.

Summer exhibitions:
Flesberg painter’s association